Mardi Gras Cruise has been Canceled

Posted by Brian G on 2/6/2019 to News
Mardi Gras Cruise has been Canceled

Personal letter from - Mardi Gras Cruise has been Canceled

We would like to thank everyone who has generated interest to our Mardi Gras Cruise event. Unfortunately due to lack of experience we will not be able to make this event happen. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. We hope to make this event happen sometime next year but for right now we just cannot accomplish it the way we know how to make parties.

Best Regards,

Party On Cruise Management Team

What to expect when coming to our cruises

Posted by Party On Cruise on 11/13/2018 to News
When coming to our event please remember that our cruises are not your usual "boring" type.

We are a Party Cruise.

There are no tables, chairs only all around the boat. The reason for this is that we want people to be engaged with the music and atmosphere of the party.

We also offer VIP Admission for each cruise, which is the first group that goes in and gets their food first. We recommend to do this if you do not like waiting in lines for that much. Lines usually are a little hectic at first because everyone wants to eat which is understandable. If the line is long go around and explorer the boat. Each boat is usually different depending on the location. Lines tend to range from 15 to 25 minutes depending on the event.

After people usually eat, they mingle grab a drink from the cash bar, or head outside to enjoy the views of the Bay Area. Or you can do what we like and get the party started by hitting the dance floor. Use your creativity and we hope you have a great time at one of our events! See you all there.

Stuck with your order?

Posted by Brian G. on 8/18/2018 to Customer Service
Stuck with your order?

Stuck with your order?

Often times customers put their order in and completely forget about it. Its ok. What we always recommend is to make sure you register with us.This allows us to give you the 100% customer experience with Party on Cruise. When you come back to us, you will be able to see your cart.

Necesita asistencia con su orden?

Muchas veces nuestros clientes llegan a nuestra pagina y no saben como terminar de ser su orden. Esta bien. Lo que les recomendamos es que se registren para cuando regresan ven su orden y lo puedo completir. Este proseso es esencial para dar les el 100% de servicio que ofrecemos. Cuando regresen pueden completir su orden mas facil.